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Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

December 10, 2008

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Where I have been for the past eight months…

image This blog started enthusiastically, I had as many as 14 posts per month. Taking into account that blogging was only a hobby, I blogged like crazy. Then I went silent.

No, I wasn’t tired from blogging, I didn’t experience a writer’s block, quite the contrary! I was working on a project. A top secret one. Now it has been done, and here are the results:  a book called Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.

The book is co-authored by my friend David Roys, a.k.a. Gaspode, and me, and it discusses the freshly released Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009: the new architecture, the RoleTailored client, the implementation approach, the dos and don’ts, with a lot of examples, tips and tricks and insight into the new version. I am definitely biased at this, but I’ll say it nevertheless: it’s worth a read.

The book is targeted primarily at consultants, those starting with the product, and those having experience with it already but wanting to learn the new ways the latest release has introduced, and those who want to quickly understand the new features.

The book will be published by PACKT publishing this month, and it has just been announced on its publisher’s website. Go check it here, see if its worth your time (I assure you it is; I offer no money-back policy though ;-)).

For me, it’s time for a break now. From writing books, that is.