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December 18, 2008

My dear Loyal Visitor,

imageLet me get to the point: this blog is moving to the new domain:


I believe it deserved it.

This blog has started as a hobby a year and a half ago. It took it six months before a first visitor arrived to it, and about nine months before it really kicked-off.

Today, there are about 160 daily web visitors, 70 subscribers to my Feedburner feed, and 60 subscribers to WordPress feed – all in all there are almost 300 hundred people reading this stuff every day.

For a narrow-niche blog, such as this, I believe I do fairly well.

What does the move to the new domain mean for you, and for this blog:

  1. My blog will get a more wide-angle perspective: I’ll definitely extend it to cover not only NAV, but ERP in general, as well as general Project Management best practices.
  2. You will still be able to read about Sure Step – I’ll continue to actively promote and evangelize it. I believe in it!
  3. The new blog will bring more interactivity: possibility to Digg posts straight from there, there will be polls from time to time, I believe it will deliver more fun.
  4. I’ll try building a community out of this blog, get in touch with you, get us all share our opinions, experiences, ideas on how to get the most value out of NAV and ERP implementations.
  5. No more posts here – new content will get posted exclusively at http://www.NavigateIntoSuccess.com/
  6. No more comments on posts on this blog.
  7. A lot of fun!

Thank you for staying with me, for reading my blog, for your time and attention—it was an honor having you here. I look forward to seeing you at http://www.NavigateIntoSuccess.com/!

Yours truly,